A word about how love affairs end at work

 Hello my dear.

I haven't written for several months, because my life has changed a lot and there were days that I even considered deleting this blog.

It is better now - I have come to terms with certain matters, so I will try to briefly answer what my current situation looks like.

As it usually happens - all good things come to an end quickly. My relationship (romance) with the head of SEO at HolikStudios was discovered and the board gave me and Matt an ultimatum. 

I quit my job or change the department in which I will be employed - away from my former boss

It was a decision to take, one that I could not accept, since I wanted both the company and my career to be in a better position, in this time of crisis.  

That was why I was thinking about resign, in order that my company can grow and be a better place, without the distractions that have come about.

I have also received the following message from our client that was also very important and is not something I'm going to be able to repeat here.

I have to admit that this was a rather difficult read for a long time. I was at a loss. All this new and different knowledge of the internal corporation law was so different from my previous experience of the law.

At first, I thought about quitting my job and starting over. As you remember - I had plans to develop my own YouTube channel.

 I had already set aside some money - so theoretically I could try. However, I felt sorry for this year of work (a year has passed in June) since I have been working there. Matt was supporting me at the time and didn't push me.  

We agreed and agreed that his career is more important - because despite the promotion, I am a newbie anyway.

As a result of rumors from which the whole company was booming, especially the classic SEO department - I finally decided to stay.

Of course I was moved to a new department.

What I do now

This new section in the agency is very experimental and much more technical.

This new  department was created as a result of market analysis and the need to replace some employees with robots, which I wrote about here. 

However, no one asked me for my opinion and I was delegated there with the order to implement as soon as possible.

The management board expects that the new SEO department based on artificial intelligence will allow us to reduce the costs of employing "real" copywriters.

We have more engineers and programmers on the team than anyone else.
There are rumors that when the new product is finished - the classic SEO department will be cut in half.

Perhaps it was a good thing - that the case ended this way.


In any case, I do not regret what happened - it was a wonderful moment, full of elation and passion.


  1. I am sorry to hear that but live is going and you need to be strong. Take car Lucy


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